We are conducting the following NDT tests

1. Ultra Plus Velocity Test

We are providing the best Ultra Plus Velocity Test in India by assessing by measuring the velocity of an ultrasonic pulse passing through a concrete structure or natural rock formation.

2. Rebound Hammer Test

Conducting the best Rebound Hammer test which provides a convenient and rapid indication of the compressive strength of the concrete across Maharashtra.

3. Corrosion Test by Canin+ with use of Pro-vista software

We conduct the best Corrosion Test by Canin+ with use of the Pro - vista software determines the resistance of materials to corrosion under certain environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and salt water in all over India

4. Carbonation Test

The carbonation test is also performed by drilling a hole on the concrete surface to the different depth up to concrete cover in the Nagpur, India.

5. Crack-width measurement

The best Crack width measurement is conducted here to measure both the depth of the spalling, as well as the actual crack's width, as long as it's not more than 1/8 inch below the original surface across the Nagpur.

6. Vibrations measurements

In Vibration measurement, we measure peak-to-peak distance is from the upper limit to the lower limit, measured in mm to micron level in all over Maharashtra.

7. Cover Test

Performing the best Cover Test of Non-destructive test for all the building in Nagpur.

1. Dye penetrant inspection

We are providing the best Dye penetrant inspection in India by assessing background when viewed under good white light conditions in Nagpur, India.

2. Ultrasonic Test

We are providing the best Ultrasonic Test in India by assessing, measuring the thickness of the object in Nagpur, India.

3.Magnetic particle Test

Magnetic particle testing is one of the most common non-destructive testing techniques utilized by many industries. The advantages of this technique are that it is relatively fast and easy – plus there is usually little or no surface preparation needed in India.

4.Radiographic Inspection

Radiographic inspection is a technique based on using short wavelength electromagnetic radiation passing through the steel material in the Nagpur, India.

5.Eddy Current Test

Eddy current a useful tool for detecting corrosion damage and other damage that causes thinning of the material in the walls of tubing such as heat exchangers and boiler tubes in the Nagpur, India.